Common Rules:
1- Each Pool is $20 per entry. The $20 must be payed by September 11, or the player is out of the league
2- The pool starts with Week 1 games
3- Picks are due by Friday 5PM in order for me to post them on the website asap.
If you are picking a team playing on a Thursday, you must send your pick by Thursday Noon.
If picking a team playing on a Saturday, Sunday or Monday game, you must submit your pick by Friday 5PM.
You can submit picks in advance: if you go on vacation, you can send your picks for the next week(s).
If you submit a pick in advance, you can change that pick if you do so on time (by Friday 5PM).
4- In case you do not submit a pick, you will be assigned a default pick.
5- You can only pick a specific team once. If by error, you pick a team twice, you will be assigned a default pick.
6- Any other/additional rule should be communicated by e-mail to all players and will be done if/when needed.
Specific Rules:
Survival Pool Rules:
1- No Spread. Pick a team you think will win, regardless of the spread.
2- In order to stay in the pool, your team HAS to WIN. If the official score ends in a tie, you are out
3- If your pick loses in WEEK 1 (only), You can reenter the pool by paying $20, and picking a team for that Monday night game.
That rule only applies if you picked a team that played either on Thursday night, or Sunday for week 1
4- The winner is the last player surviving the pool while all others' picks have lost their game.
5- The winner of the pool get all the money. Players can split if all remaining players agree to split the pot.
6- If all remaining players lose in the same week, the pool does not end, but all remaining players that picked that week have another chance.
Points Pool Rules
1- All players stay in the game until the end of the regular season.
2- The winners will be decided by adding all the players' points accumulated each week.
3- The top 3 players get money, as well as the last place player.
4- In case of a tie at the end of the pool, a tie-breaker will be asked by the pool manager, unless the players agree to split the money.
5- Players assigned a default pick are NOT eligible for last place payout. To be eligible for last place, you must submit all 17 picks
6- All players are eligible for top 3 payout, even the ones assigned a default pick.


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